Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coronial inquiry

An ongoing coronial inquiry in Perth is hearing that a 'prominent' Toxicologist agreed with his wife that her colorectal cancer be best treated by a homeopath. He claims that he didn't investigate what the homeopath was treating his wife with and she eventually died without medical intervention. Her initial consultation was with a surgeon named Platell. He recommended immediate surgery and follow up chemotherapy.

My wife Joan, once diagnosed, also met with Dr (or is it Mr?) Platell. He advised Joan that surgery wasn't an option and without intervention she would have about six months to live. Joan has just passed the six months mark and apart from the side effects of the rat poison she has been getting, still going quite well.

This morning she is having a CT scan to determine the progress of the treatment. We are hoping that the scan will show that the tumours have at least not grown in the time she has been off chemo. We will find out on Friday.

The influx of asylum seekers arriving on Australian shores has increased to the point that the government has had to fly a large group of families from Christmas Island to the desert town of Leonora in this state. They are being accommodated in a mining camp. Leonora is not a town one would choose to live in unless there was a really good reason. It is a 'One Horse' town, very hot in summer and freezing in winter. The refugees were greeted by a large group of rednecks hurling abuse. One reasonable looking woman was seen on the TV coverage wearing the uniform of a St John's Ambulance volunteer. St Johns was forced to sack her because she stated that she would not be able to tend to the refugees if they needed medical help. Glad I don't have to live in such a town as Leonora. Small towns; small thinking!

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Anonymous said...

It's a pity that this undoubtedly skilled paramedic has allowed uninformed prejudices to shape her views about refugees. Hopefully she will eventually come to realise that bitterness and intolerance is a poor substitute for understanding and compassion.