Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soccer World Cup

I am not a sports fan, especially of Soccer, however I watched part of the game between Paraguay and Italy this afternoon.

The noise from the plastic horns the locals blow was both annoying and deafening. On one news channel tonight it was noted that players and most of the audience don't like it, but organisers refuse to ban it because it is a traditional African 'musical' instrument. I reckon there must have been lots of hyperventilation collapses because they kept the noise up non-stop for the entire duration of the match. About three blasts from one of those petrol funnels and I'd be seeing stars!

They are called Vuvuzela and look to be from the $2 shop.

Soccer players are amongst the world's best actors. Any fall by a player appears to be like a multiple fractured broken leg, which heals immediately once the free has been awarded.

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