Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The World Cup

The World Cup is still playing out, I think. There is a nice letter about the Cup in this morning's West Australian newspaper.

Allan missed out the most significant record of all at the soccer...oops, football cup. The record goes to More horns than a herd of Wildebeests. That by the way, is a Kev one.

I notice that when I click the Next button on our blog I invariably get directed to a long journey through Christian blogs. I thought that Google searched for key words and directed the reader to similar blogs? I cannot remember writing too much about religion. How does that happen?

The new Australian Prime Minister has declared that she is a non religious person. I am sure that will be felt in the polls and the upcoming Federal elections. It shouldn't; we have seen Presidents and Prime Ministers toadying up to religious factions before. In the U.S. the fundamentalist Christians have a big sway in elections. Pollies of both parties here have courted the fundamentalists, some of which can rightly be called cults.

In the 1950s the Labor Party split and the Democratic Labor Party was formed by Catholics. Voters were advised how to vote from the pulpit. The leaders of the DLP (long gone from the political scene) had some very appropriate names .... Santamaria......Martyr.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed Ms Gillard alienated the majority of AFL supporters by flagrantly displaying the colours of her favourite team in the Prime Minister's office. I reckon prime ministers should rise above their personal prejudices and always be seen to be acting for the nation.