Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Settling In

Yesterday I visited my cousin Edward (Ted). After a nice lunch he showed me his 3D capable TV. It isn't new; they have had it for a couple of years, but one of the TV channels has just started broadcasting in 3D. It was very impressive. The 3D broadcast is not in the jumbled colour system which most people would have experienced, but looks like the the 19th century stereoscopes where there were two pictures of the same scene taken with a camera viewed through the left hand and right hand eye. The current 3D films appear to be in that format. Special glasses, battery powered, certainly make the picture 'stand out'.

Later I went to my local shopping centre to buy some blank CDs. The local Yugoslav bench sitters had already taken up their positions on every bench seat in the entire centre. They are all elderly blokes (like me) and they converse loudly... it looks like argument; and gesticulate whilst little old ladies needing a sit-down shuffle by. I haven't noticed if it is a daily thing or whether it is only a few days a week. In Fremantle city the main mall used to be the meeting place for old Italian fellas. There was a recent article in the daily newspaper about how immigrants tend to settle in certain areas of the metro area. This is not peculiar to Australia, every city in the world would have ethnic areas for one reason or another. Here in Western Australia there are large areas where British migrants live. South Africans, Vietnamese and now Somalian immigrants congregate in their own areas. The British and South Africans usually assimilate with an Australian accent after the first generation, but often the non English speakers take much longer.

Not a biggy. If one believes the movie The Adventures of Barry MacKenzie, all Australians in Britain live in Earls Court in London


Richard said...

ONE of our sons-in-law is English, Kev.

He works in the recruiting/head hunting game and when we visited he and our daughter in London in 2006, 2008 and again in 2009 he had some interesting stats re Aussies and Kiwis in and around the Greater London area.

At any time you could find around 600,000 Aussies and Kiwis in London, the home counties, Kent, Surrey and so on. Just think. Six hundred thousand.
Mainly young folk, altho' some older denizens were represented, as well.

Since the GFC in Sept. 2008 that number has shrunk steadily as Aussies come home to a much stronger economy to find employment.

Anonymous said...

Powered glasses for 3D are old hat. Our new LG TV has lightweight polarised ones. Good Guys at O'Connor have a good display. Paul.