Thursday, July 26, 2012

Leyland P76

Years ago I owned a Leyland P76 sedan. It was a much ridiculed car but I liked it. The Sydney Powerhouse Museum has one suspended from the ceiling in the main hallway. Whenever I drove out I would see them everywhere.   P76 story here.

Events and disabilities seem to present to me in the same way. I had two friends and a couple of acquaintances with Parkinson's Disease and since then it would seem that I hear of and see many people so afflicted. Mention liver cancer and people have a story about a friend or relative suffering the same.

I have a friend in Queensland who is running down to the end with Parkinson's. He has led an interesting life, but it is a sad way to go. Hope I go with a sudden flick of the switch. Getting old is a bastard.

 I have been placing a notice on a nearby shopping centre notice board offering free Macs to needy folks.  Had a few takers, but some dipstick is ripping the notice down.   A PC nutter?? Number 4 notice going up today.

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