Thursday, July 19, 2012

Statutory Declaration

Yesterday I returned to the Aboriginal lady's house and asked her if anyone else had used her computer to rack up the excessively large bill from her ISP. She assured me that she was the only person to use it and the computer was disconnected and moved to another room a month before the last two billing periods. She showed me a diary she keeps which told of disconnecting and moving the computer into storage.
I suggested she ring the service provider and explain that to them and if they would not come to the party she would offer to make a Statutory Declaration stating the facts. She later rang the provider and was transferred to India and talked with Optus Billing. They immediately offered to cut the bill in half. It would seem that the Statdec had worked. I would have demanded the entire bill less the contracted service fee of $14.80 be wiped, but she accepted their offer. She is relieved and I have helped as much as I could.

I felt somewhat obliged to help more than I usually do with most people I give a machine to, as Joan and I knew her late husband when we taught in Papua New Guinea.

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