Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ankylosing Spondylitis

In the last few days I have placed a number of computers with local people who saw my posting on a local shopping centre notice board.   I still have seven more machines three of which are up-market workhorses which were donated to my project by the West Australian Newspaper Group.  I will remove the notice from the shopping centre and re-target the better machines at Graphics Students at one of the local universities.

Our son Martin is starting to admit that shifting to Melbourne has not been successful for him and is talking about returning home to Western Australia.  He is thinking of shifting back to the unit we bought to house him, but that is leased out to tenants for the rest of the year.  I have offered him his own side of my house which includes a bedroom, study and bathroom.  Martin has Ankylosing Spondylitis and his back is degenerating badly and getting employment which does not tax his back is very difficult.  It may well be that he could get a disabled pension and I   will support him, possibly for the rest of my time. 

and now to lighten up.........

A  fellow sits on a bench next to another fellow.   He says...’Hello, how are you today?’  the other fellow says...’I’ve had a lousy day; my imaginary friend has left me and he took my air guitar.’


Bernie said...

I so need a friend right now, one of my best friend's passed away from cancer on Thurday. I.hate. cancer. Anyway I hope Martin moves closer to home, I hope you and Martin strengthen your relatioship and I hope I never loose anyone I love to cancer anymore....-:) hugs

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I feelfor you at such a sad time.It is so sad that all our friends and family seem to be all departing. Not that you would want any of them to linger in pain,As you get older you realize how hard life can be.Kev, you are having your share of sadness, I hope Martin can go on to a pension. He has had his share of pain. Marg

Bernie said...

Thanks Marg, I am a bit stronger now, I was totally numb last week. This disease has taken so many of the people I cared for.
Sorry to hear of Martin's pain, hope it can be managed. Perhaps having him home will be good company for you Kev. Take care, xo