Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Michelle and Jack visit

Today I had a visit from Michelle and Jack.  Michelle was one of my fav students when I taught at Willetton Senior High School and Jack is her 16 month old son who is at the stage of 'investigating' all things technical....TVs, computers etc etc.

Michelle is well after her Thyroidectomy, the only side effect is a scar which the surgeon says will fade over a few months.  She is still the Michelle I remember, a delight to have as a friend.
                                                    Click to enlarge

My neighbour had her father visit from Victoria and because his daughter, my neighbour, has asked me to shoot a few rats in her olive tree with my air gun, somehow we got talking about rifles.  He told me that he has a .22 single-shot rifle he bought when he was a 16 years old and still has it back home in Victoria.  I told him that I still have what was my grandfather's, then my father's Winchester 1892 .44 lever action repeater with an octagonal barrel.  He said that he would like to take a look at it and I then realised that I could not remember where I had hidden the gun cabinet key.  Over a couple of days I searched the entire house and workshop without success.  It looked like I was going to have to call on a locksmith to get the gun cabinet open, so I sat down and thought of where I would hide the keys so that they would be safe.....SAFE!!!!     And that's where I found the keys; in our safe.

I have finished the little shit fence.  The fence is not a little shit, I am hoping that what we did will stop the little shit neighbour of Helen and James walking through their property to jump a low fence.  James and I put up a solid lattice and I finished off fixing wall baskets along the fence. The baskets have been planted with the nastiest (bar Bougainvillea and roses) spikey plants.  They are called Euphorbia Milii Hybrid and when I was planting them without wearing gloves got a taste of their nasty spikes.    Hope it works.


Anonymous said...

Kev, I hope Helen,s dogs don't get caught up in those thorns. I've got it growing in a pot and I'm always pricking myself on it. It should keep intruders out, hopefully. Marg

Bernie said...

Hey Kev, just returned from a reunion in Calgary, it was a wonderful time. A young couple and their son was there from Melberne (?) had to listen very carefully to understand their accent. The husband went to school with us and has been living there for 20 years. They love it and it was wonderful seeing him again.
Hope the fence works and your young student looks so well, praying that she is cancer free.
Yes it is true, no one knows what lonely is until we loose our partners.
Thanksgiving here this weekend, will be nice to have family around. It has been a good week.
Take care, big hugs:-)