Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Store

Yesterday I visited the Apple Store at Garden City, a large shopping centre nearby.  I went early thinking that the school holidays would make it busy.  I was right, at 9am it was packed.     I was directed to a young ‘Genius’ who was arranging appointments on an iPad.  I keyed in my name, address, phone number and email address and was told to return at 10.40am.  I had a bit of a wait before a young fellow solved my problem with a password on my iPhone.   Good, efficient, free service.

Today I am searching for a bread maker.  When Joan was well she made bread every few days and I did enjoy it.  When she died I lost interest in bread and gave the breadmaker away. I buy bread of various types, but think I will get back into making my own.  My tastes seem to be changing.  Many foods don’t interest me much anymore.  I guess that is just a part of growing old.  A breadmaker can be set to finish the bake precisely at breakfast time.  Fresh bread toast sounds good to me.

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Anonymous said...

kev, I agree there is nothing as tasty as freshly baked bread. Sliced bread doesn't taste like bread at all. You can use so many different grains for different bread too.Toasted bread and homemade jam... Yummmy.Actually if you visit the Pickled Fig on South Beach, you can have delicious home made toast with Homemade fig jam and you are sitting right on the beach looking at our bright blue ocean. What more could you ask for? Well I can think of a few things...Like Haddon for one..Marg