Sunday, December 30, 2012

$31 million OzLotto prize

As Charlie said in Willy Wonka.....’I just thought you would want to know, I didn’t win a Golden Ticket’.

I didn’t win the $30M lotto on Saturday night either.  I didn’t hold much hope as the odds on a $30m prize in Australia are estimated to be around 1 chance in 20,000,000.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  I have had two invites one from a friend Margaret and another to my daughter’s place for an early night.  I am not feeling too sociable at the moment and may stay home, have a bottle of bubbly and ‘turn in’ nice and early.

I am still finding interesting artefacts of my late wife Joan’s many stashes around the house.  Recently I found a large notepad with outlines for several novels she was going to start writing.   One had real promise.  It is a saga of several generations of a  fictitious colonial family in  Papua New Guinea.   Most interesting reading her notes and plot ideas.  It is a pity she never got around to writing it.  I don’t have her writing skills or I would attempt to finish it.  

Miss you Joan.


Richard said...

OH no, Kev NYE is the biggest nite of the year
Mandatory to stay up with friends or family until 12.01 am @ very least

Champers good, but best at midnite!!

Anonymous said...

Kev, We missed you tonight. Hope you brought in the new year with Helen and James. I miss Had too but we were lucky to have had so many good years with our loved ones, Look forward to Bali with Val. Happy New year to all that read Kev's blog. Hope 2013 is a healthy one. Marg