Friday, December 7, 2012

Big Bang Theory

Feeling a little down this evening with my daughter and her hubby in Melbourne.  I often join them for Friday drinkies.   That was until I remoted to The Big Bang Theory, and things got much better.   I love that show...and Seinfeld and Becker etc etc.

I can watch, and sort of, enjoy the British shows on TV, but never get a charge out of them like the BBT and other U.S. quality shows.

I guess I am an Americaphile, but I cannot stand the so called ‘info commercials’ selling American products on an endless loop on TV; products such as non-stick fry- pans, steam cleaners, magic paint restorers etc etc.  Yuck!

Back to my bottle of Bubbly.


Anonymous said...

I like The Big Bang Theory top, especially the ever suffering Penny played by Kayley Cuoco. She has a Facebook page at

Richard said...

OH dearie me, Kev Lock.
The Brit. shows are first-rate. OK, so Downton Abbey is a bit of a soapie compared to their normal first-rate quality dramas.

But Young James Heriot, the prequel to the story of old (er) James Heriot when he was a vet in All Creatures Great And Small is on unite (Saturday).
Then there's New Tricks, about old fart cold case detectives; Stephen Fry host QI (quite interesting) a hilarious panel show --- on 2, sometimes 3, times a week on ABC1; gun chef Rick Stein does the Spanish travel/cookery thing; there was a great 2-part thing going behind the scenes in MI% and lastly a black Brit is currently going down the Mississippi in a 3-parter on SBS, another BBC production --RICHARD

Kev said...


I was talking about comedy. I have enjoyed most of the programs you have listed, however I still prefer BBT over Dad's Army et al.

Anonymous said...

Kev, I watched the big bang theory last night too for a bit of a lift. I thought you spent Frid. nights with Graham.Have you heard from Helen? Hope they are having fun. Marg

Richard said...

I GUESS we'll just agree to disagree, or at least diverge on our opinions, KL.
My wife Judyth looooves Seinfeld and watches re-runs on our system, stored via our Tivo device. Don't know how it works --- have absolutely NO electronic skills like your goodself, Kevin --- but she does.

Trust you are watching ABC1's new Sunday night costume drama: The Pillars of the Earth, set in the 1130s-1140s.
Descendants of William The Conqueror are battling it out to snatch the throne of England. Many of my favourite actors involved: Rufus Sewell, Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane (remember him as antique dealer Lovejoy, then the very crooked saloon owner in Deadwood).

Bernie said...

Love, love, love the Big Bang Theory, always makes me laugh. Try and enjoy the holidays Kev, Joan would want you to be happy, xo