Friday, December 14, 2012

Business is booming!

The furore over the prank phone call to King Edward V11 hospital by a couple of young Australian DJs has gone feral in Britain.
It seemed harmless enough, but the nurse who was sucked in by the call thought it really was QE2 and Phil calling up to see how Prince William’s wife Catherine was going.  A couple of days later she sadly took her own life.  The British press and many Britishers are baying for justice.    
DJs the world over pull is almost mandatory for them to do so.

The notes the nurse left before her demise have not been made public, but it is said that what she wrote in one of the notes was highly critical of the hospital administration.  It would seem that they may have treated her badly and shamed her.

I wonder if any suicides occurred after the 1938 War of the Words broadcast scare narrated by Orson Welles.  It wasn’t a prank, but people tuning in to the radio play late, thought it was really was a report of an alien invasion.  Thousands of people panicked.

Australia and Australians are regular targets of the Brits.....much of it deserved.  Bring on the Republic!

Business is booming!  At least the nail business is.  Every shopping centre has a nail treatment centre.  I hesitate to look into them as I walk by, but I have never seen them without customers.  These ‘treatment centres’ seem to be run mainly by Chinese folk.
I find it amazing how different nationalities tend to run different businesses.  Service stations often seem to have Indian owners.  Lotto agencies are popular with Chinese folk.   Interesting; not important, but interesting.  The last time we visited the U.S. we noticed that, in California at least, motels were often run by Indians.


Anonymous said...

Kev, Why was it so easy for a couple of Aussies with strange accents, to get through to the nurse who was caring for Kate and to extract private information about her?. It was partly the fault of the hospital, not the nurse and of course the shock jocks will do anything for a laugh. Nothing is sacred. Aussie goes too far and now those children have lost their mother, Not good,,, Marg

Richard said...

AS far as different nationalities go Kevin, it's not surprising there's Indian and Chinese workers everywhere. After all, there's 1.3 billion each of those ethnic groups.
We are 23 little, piddly million!

In March in outback Sth. Aust. we saw Sri Lankan hotel front desk staff, Filipino and Chinese waitressing staff --- this in Coober Pedy, in the actual middle of nowhere.

In Yulara adjacent to Uluru we encountered more Indian sub-continent front desk staff. Even a Japanese rest room scrubber-upper.

Apparently those folks awaiting long-term residency visas are told they'll be working in outback locations. We all know the businesses can't attract Aussie workers 4 menial jobs. In Germany in the 80s the street sweepers were Turks.
Used their wages to buy Mercs .... then drove them home and used the cars as cabs! We rode in some of them, in Turkey at the time.

Bernie said...

I think the nurse had mental health issues, perhaps the one prank and repremand from the hospital pushed over over but in no way do I think this was her only issue. Very sad for all involved.....:-)Hugs