Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I attended a dermatologist today for some answers about an annual problem I have with my skin.  I have been to him three times over the past 15 years apparently for the same problem.  He pointed out that each visit was in June/July and I was seeing him for a skin problem.   Psoriasis was his diagnosis and he put it down to lack of sun in the winter months which, with a genetic predisposition, I am to get annually until the game is over.

He also suggested that itching of my skin in general is because of the use of soap and hot water showers.  One minute showers recommended.  Nah...I’ll put up with the itches.

I was given two nice MacBook laptops for my project.  The couple who donated them, Mike and Lesley, run a business called ‘Time Trackers’ which is a genealogical research company.  Looks interesting.....details on their card.

I have had a DVD of a local film production for some time, but each time I start to watch it I have shut it down as it made me feel decidedly bad.   Last night I watched it through to the end and the surprise ending where....no; I’m not going to spill the beans and spoil what was a satisfying end to what seemed like a very violent movie.

Last train to Freo is a movie about the last train from a suburb named Midland all the way to the end of the line at Fremantle (Western Australia).   Lots of harrowing abusive yelling and confrontation by two bad lads to three other passengers in the carriage.  I was most impressed especially by the ‘extras’ on the disk.    Well worth a look.

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Kev, Aren't you a clever dick, I can't get into my apple I pad because they say I am giving them the wring password which I wrote down when I bought the Ipad, , I enjoyed watching Last train to Fremantle. I gave it 4 stars, Wonder what Margaret and David would give it. Ir was so unusual and well acted. Marg