Monday, June 23, 2014

Pencils and palm trees

The suburb I live in has more than a smattering of Pencil Pines and palm trees.   I have one Pencil Pine (Pinus 2H-HB) and it is soon to go.  It is too close to the house roof.  

I am unsure who determined that pencils and pines should be planted in front yards, but there are not many houses that don’t have one or the other.  My daughter has one and hates it with a passion.

Brother Graham turned 65 on Saturday and yesterday I collected him and we had a good evening with a few beers and lots of laughs.  I had thought that he was now eligible to get state government discounts on most government charges, but unfortunately eligibility relies on working less that 25 hours a week.  Bad luck Gray.

Had a call from a welfare person who through my sister-in-law Dorothy, was after a computer and printer for a disabled woman who recently lost her home to a house fire.  Both of them arrived and decided on a Windows PC I had refurbished.  They also looked at an elderly Mac laptop and the welfare person took that to give her disabled daughter.  The client had a small car packed with all the belongings she had left after the fire was extinguished.  She is hoping that she had paid her annual house insurance.  I also gave her a few kitchen items such as a toaster and electric jug.

Here is a link to the news story which may not work outside Australia.

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