Friday, June 13, 2014

Daylight Robbery

Daughter Helen bought a set of printer cartridges for her Canon all-in-one.  I was shocked when she told me the set cost A$124.00.  I had already ordered a full set for her printer from Hong Kong through eBay for a total cost of A$18.80 postage paid and delivered to the front door.  They should arrive next week.

The manufacturers of printers warn buyers that using non original cartridges voids any warranty.   I have been using after-market cartridges and never had any problems with them over 10 years and probably a hundred cartridges.   

The general public is bombarded by false claims for thousands of products.  At the moment there is an investigation into over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.   Various claims are made that certain pain killers can target head, back or muscle pain but when one reads the packet both contain exactly the same ingredients. I won’t start on vitamins, hair restoration etc etc.

I seem to have a series of coincidences happen to me. Mid week I watched a repeat of The Big Bang Theory where Howard (Wolowitz) was in the space station on a mission.  (How did they film him floating around the cabin????)    Early the next morning I woke around 5am and turned the bedside radio on and the announcer told us that if we went outside right now we could see the space station pass overhead....and there it was!  

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