Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tom Waits

This afternoon I was playing some Tom Waits in my car.  I went to a Tom Waits concert in Perth some  25  years ago.

 It was  great and fully booked.  The stage featured the front end of a white Cadillac and a New York style lamp post, a microphone stand and a heavy smoking Tom with a tumbler of whiskey.  The audience loved him.

I haven’t heard much of him on radio of recent years and the rumour-mill has it that he has lost his voice.  It could be argued that is natural progression as he was a  chain smoking drinker....probably helped by other substances for many years.

Driving today I listened to several Wait’s (Tom’s) tracks and realised that my favourite track is Kentucky Avenue.  As I understand it, it is perhaps a moving eulogy to a friend...quite likely imagined, who is crippled.

Listen to Kentucky avenue here on YouTube.

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