Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'Free' TV

Today I had a visit today from a young welfare gal with her client to collect a computer.  They had arranged to be here around 4.15pm but obviously not considered the 3.30-5.30pm traffic chaos on the freeway.  They arrived around 4.45 and I showed them a selection of two computers, a Windows PC  and a Mac.  I was hoping she would want the PC as the welfare gal is a PC person and could assist her if necessary.

She was impressed with the PC which is reasonably fast and I had loaded Windows 7 on it.    But when she saw the Mac she decided that that was what she wanted.  The visit was pleasant and we had tea and coffee and I did a quick operating course on the Mac and we loaded it into the car and they were off.    I felt good about this one.  The recipient is a young lady from Liberia.

Watched a bit of TV this evening.  It is called Free TV which aint quite true as one has to watch inane advertising which really gives me the  sh**Ts.  I am not going to go for cable TV, but I wish that TV ads weren’t so repetitive.   Why can they not make several versions of the same ad?    I guess it must be just me but I don’t remember what the ads are selling.  They certainly don’t make me want to buy the product.

The other promotional ads for upcoming TV programs like Australia’s/ Egypt’s/ South Africa’s/Britain’s etc etc ‘most talented’ make me flip channels when they appear.

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