Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back into homebrewing

This morning I drove North of Perth city to buy a homebrew kit.  Its previous owner constructed a very clever brew station with the fermenter contained in a timber box with a thermostat controlling a heating light to keep the brew at a constant temperature.  It also came with a bottle capper, all the chemicals (apart from the actual wort) and 10.5 kilograms of bottle caps; very ambitious!  I paid $50 for the whole lot and after sterilising it will ‘put down’ a brew tomorrow.

Click photos to enlarge.

I have brewed plenty of beer over the years without much success, but I will give it another run brewing stout.  If not successful, or I get tired of the brewing business, I can on-sell it again.  Other secondhand brew kits in Gumtree sold for much more and were just basic kits.

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Richard said...

I'M NOT one for home brewed drops, Locky.
But either am I one for traditional beers, either. My sons-in-law love my phrases for these CUB, Tooheys (and similar) products: 'industrial suds'.
I love some of our own Victorian drops, but particularly the more bigger scale beers such as Little Creatures, James Squires and Fat Yak.