Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting too old for computer problems

The young physically disabled woman I had helped by giving her a computer, printer etc is still on my case.  She has called me another four times since I thought we had everything running smoothly.   One of the items she asked me for was a powered USB hub.  I found one set it up and had hoped that that would be the last call out I would get from such luck!  
She has made several phone calls over recent days telling me that things don’t work.  Some of the things she is trying to do require a later model Mac than I have given her, so there is no easy fix.  One is to delete songs on her iPad which apparently requires iTunes 11.2 which her Mac cannot load because it doesn’t have an Intel processor.  I suggested if she just wants to delete some songs she could seek out one of her friends to visit with his/her laptop and use that machine.

Today’s call was a complaint that she could not shut down the Mac and when I arrived I could see that she connected a number of things to the old USB hub.....iPhone, iPad, iPod, keyboard and a USB memory stick with all her work on it.  I removed the USB memory stick and everything is OK.  Must be something on the stick that the Mac doesn’t like.  I didn’t want to look into the flash drive as that may create more work for me.

She lives in very smart government housing.  Usually these arrangements by this state government are in group housing, but somehow she has a modern house all to herself.  Her house is only about 4 kilometres from mine, but I am hoping she won’t call again.

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