Monday, June 16, 2014

Sean McKibben is 50

Saturday evening I attended a 50th birthday party for an ex-student of mine.  Sean and his two kids came home to Western Australia from NSW for the birthday bash at his mother’s home.    It was a big show and I met a few other students who claimed that I had taught them back in the 1980s.  I have to believe them, but admit that I don’t remember them specifically.  Not really surprising as I reckon I have taught a few thousand students over the 36 years I was in the education business.  
I was the first to leave the party as I had consumed two stubbies of lite (2.6% alcohol) beers and I tested myself on my breathalyser and I was .02 and right to drive.  In Western Australia .05 is driving under the influence and .08 is drink driving.  In this state Booze Buses operate randomly day and night.  The bus blocks off roads and there are lots of blue lights flashing, cops cars and motorcycles to catch drivers who think they can drive off when the see the trap.    Fortunately the times I have had to blow in the bag I  had not been drinking.

Sean is staying over at my place tonight and I imagine we will have a few beers and lots to talk about.

Daughter Helen and husband James have almost finished their backyard ‘installation’.  Their elevated platform and spa is surrounded by low limestone walls and lots of new plants.  Looks great!

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A friend, Joy gave a nice present in the form of a centenary edition of the state Civil Service Journal.  A centenary issue of the Association celebrating 100 years in July 1929.  Some wonderful stuff inside 113 pages of W.A. history....from history.  I will read some of the articles and post any interesting stuff on this blog.

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