Saturday, July 26, 2014


Friday evening I was invited to dinner at Helen and James’ house to catch up with Linda who flew in from Qatar, en-route to Queensland.  Linda is a friend of our daughter Helen and husband James. She is a lawyer working for a foreign company operating in Qatar.  She intends living there for the full 3 year contract....very good money!
Her husband Pete and daughter have rented out their house here and moved back to Queensland to finish off the year before they too move to Doha the capital, to be with Linda.

Qatar, in the Persian Gulf, has a population of almost 2M people and 94% of the labour market is filled by expatriates of which a very small percentage are female.  This, as can be imagined, causes some social problems.  Linda told us that when at the supermarket, a stranger will present a slip of paper with his phone number on it to any female.  It seems the custom is either to  accept, or toss the paper amongst the carrots.

Linda is having a few days with family before heading back to work. Lovely lady.

                           Daughter Helen and Linda

PS.  Linda was late arriving at Perth airport because of torrential rain and slow traffic and missed her flight. She caught a later flight @ $700.00

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