Friday, August 1, 2014

More rewarding work

This morning I had a visit from a welfare person and one of her clients; Sky.  Sky has three children and is working from home and needed a computer and printer for printing fliers and seeking work.  

Tania and her partner welfare officers have brought other needy gals to my place for computers.  They are all young mums under a bit of financial pressure to get by.  Giving needy people nice machines is most rewarding work for me.

Each computer (Mac) undergoes a clean install of the operating system, a new PRAM battery, extra RAM if needed and upload of essential software and some games.  They are tested over a period to ensure they have no faults and I give my phone number and email address for any follow-up help which may be needed.  Very rarely does that happen.

                                    Nice young lady

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Anonymous said...

Good man Kev. Paul Weaver.