Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Islamic State

I have just been watching a confronting TV program named Insight, on ABC television.
It has a female host talking with an audience of maybe 100 people about an issue of the day.  The topic was Muslim citizens of Australia going to the middle east and fighting for The Islamic State.   That group has named themselves the Islamic State and I am unsure why I have even given their name capitals.  They are religious terrorists .

There were, amongst the panel,  Muslim extremists espousing their radical Islamic views.   I found myself, at the age of 74, thinking that they should ‘go back from where they came’.  Of course that cannot happen as they were mostly born here in Australia.   They feel that they have not been accepted into Australian society and tell us (the non Muslims) that we are to blame.

There must have been some moderates in the audience but only one man, bravely I believe, spoke out against the radicals.   Trouble on the horizon.

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Richard said...

WAS that the Jenny Brockie programme Insight on SBS television, Kev?
I find her interview programmes reasonably OK. But I really love Dateline (hosted by Anjali Rao) which comes on straight after on a Tuesday evening.
Dateline journos cover issues and items not touched even by the ABC. And certainly not by commercial TeeV.