Friday, August 8, 2014

The proof I needed

Yesterday I was rummaging through a few cupboards where my wife Joan stored remnants of her many fabric projects and found a large plastic container with photos etc that I had not seen in many years.   Amongst this treasure trove was an envelope of pages cut from expired passports and I was amazed to find one of our son Martin issued in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 1975 just prior to our final weeks in that country.  Damn!

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 Back in 2011 Martin’s employer asked him for proof of citizenship.  All he had was a birth certificate showing his birthdate and place in Papua New Guinea.   The employer immediately suspended Martin without pay and at that stage Immigration considered him a possible illegal alien.  My wife Joan would have known that Martin had had a passport and where the proof was filed, but I didn’t and a serious search of the house yielded nothing.....until yesterday.    Convincing Immigration that Martin was indeed a citizen took months.  And he eventually returned home to W.A. and stayed with me.

This would have been all the evidence I needed at the time to prove to Australian Immigration Martin was an Australian citizen.  

If the story is of interest, part of it can be found here.

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