Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting old is no picnic

We, and now just I, have been living here in this house for around nine years.  This estate; ‘St Paul’s Estate’ is regarded as a sought-after location.  St Paul himself, no longer lives here.
The estate is divided up into dozens of cul-de-sacs which makes for a bit more security than main roads.  Even so, I really only know my immediate neighbours on each side of my house.  Some in this cul-de-sac do not acknowledge me and others give a friendly wave. Dave and Judy have been good neighbours and I will miss them when they move into their new house.   Will the new owners be as nice?  
On the other side are Fiona and her husband.  He is a surgeon and I don’t often see him.  Fiona is most pleasant and we often converse.  Yesterday she came home around midnight after taking a friend to hospital and saw my garage door up.  She saw that there were no lights on in the house and closed the garage door for me.    
The following morning she told me what she had done and asked me to give her a contact number to call if she thought that ‘something’ had happened to me.  Ouch!!  Getting old is no picnic.

As it happened I had shut the garage door, but the mechanism operating the door has been playing up and sometimes it decides not to stay shut.   I have made adjustments to the settings and it seems to be working well again.

This morning I had a visit by a welfare gal and one of her clients who is about to start a course at a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) college.  She needed a computer and printer which I was able to supply.  I gave her a choice of a desktop Mac or one of two laptops.  She went for the laptop as it can be used at the college.  A laser printer matched up with the laptop.  All done.

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