Monday, August 4, 2014

Autistic children

I have just watched a Louis Theroux program about autistic children.  I have not been a regular watcher of Louis, however it was a choice between “The Bachelor’ and nothing else worth watching.

Louis was allowed into several U.S. families’ homes and schools to film and to interact with several families, their children and to witness the difficulties of bringing up severely disabled autistic children.

My daughter and her husband have opted for no children, most probably because they had reached the age where birth defects can occur.  I, and my late wife, were grateful that our children were born without the serious problems shown in this documentary.   The parents interviewed were most stoic and I was moved by their acceptance of their situation.

I have had over several years, some association with a ‘special’ school for severely disabled children and I am always impressed by the dedication of the staff; the work they do and the changes they make to those in their care.   

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