Wednesday, December 3, 2014

computer project

I have just finished a roll of 600 metres of Gladwrap/Clingwrap my wife Joan bought on the 21st of December 2010.   I am happy to say that I am pleased that it is now over and I can start using the new roll with a fully functioning cutter.  The previous cutter has provoked many harsh words over the years.  The new roll cutter has a sticky leading edge which holds the clingwrap when cutting.   I am inspired to wrap as much stuff as I can now.

The computer project I have been running  for the past 12 or so years ebbs and flows.  Sometimes I have to seek more donations from friends and businesses and other times my spare room and workshop is overflowing with machines ready and loaded to go to needy folk.  That is how it is now with approximately 20 computers and seven good printers with spare ink cartridges.   In the 12 years to date, I estimate I have placed 5-600 computers with needy folk and a few dozen scammers.  After all this time it is still a rewarding project helping out others.


Richard said...

THAT'S despicable KL.
Scammers taking reworked computers-scanners-printers when needy folks from poor economic backgrounds need them.
I suppose once they're gone u can't get them back to distribute them to the people who truly need them.

Anonymous said...


Yes it used to pee me off, but I have taken the altruistic line of expecting nothing in return. Less stress about small things!


David Bahr said...

Me again, Kevin.

This response is NOT to do with your computer, but the previous "no comment" one on parcel deliveries.

At least yours eventually got through.

My telephone is not working 100% and has been changed three times by taking it into my nearest Post Office to be exchanged.

Same problem persisted, so I let fly telling Telstra to pull their socks up or I would take my business to Optus, iiNet, Vodaphone, etc, etc.

I was not going to trundle my walking frame three blocks to the PO again.

Telstra decided to send me a further replacement (the fourth in less than a month) through that other inefficient company, AustraliaPost!

That telephone replacement is like Christmas 2020 - - -

Still coming.

I telephoned Complaints and was immediately transferred to Telstra Philippines who arranged to another (yes, telephone set #5 to be delivered).

It was delivered right to my doorstep - - -


The !@#$%^&* thing is still not 100%

What is the problem, you ask???


The message Bank light is not working and I keep missing calls from friends while I am out!!!


See, Kevin, that young guy you used to know from Malaguna is getting old, too.

; - ) )