Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reading, a thing of the past?

The main newspaper in Western Australia is not published on Good Friday or Christmas Day.  My late wife Joan was a voracious reader of books, magazines and the newspapers.  On the days preceding Good Friday and Christmas Day she would divide the newspaper so that she had something to read on those two days.  

When we worked in Papua New Guinea in the 1970s there was no television, mobile phones or computers and so we either partied or read for entertainment.  I confess I haven’t read anything much except technical manuals and on line information since our PNG days.  Our house has hundreds of Joan’s books in almost every room.  Books are getting hard to sell these days and I am unsure what I am (or my kids are) going to do with them.  Example is the huge collection of cook books Joan bought over the years.   I get frustrated trying to find a recipe in the books, but with just a few keystrokes can pull dozens of recipes for anything I feel like preparing.

Something to ponder....


Anonymous said...

Kev, LIFE Where would we be without it........? Marg

David Bahr said...

I'll try again with this one, Kevin.

Having a few moments to spare I though I'd visit your Blog site. Sorry to hear of Joan's passing. Belated condolences and good wishes for 2015.

Ah memories of our days in PNG!!!

All BC - Before Computers.

Thanks for the joke you added about Life - how very true. ; - ) )

ex bed 5,
Hut 2, Malaguna Teachers College,
Rabaul, PNG.

Keep smiling, Kevin.