Monday, December 22, 2014

New car

I picked up my new car today.  It is a Kia Optima, built by a cousin-company to my last car, a Hyundai.
Nice car with lots of goodies such as reversing camera and sensors as well as forward sensors which will help me get closer to the wall in shopping centre carparks.  
A couple of days ago I bought my son a small car at the other end of the scale for $1700.  He hasn’t had a car for five years and is enjoying his freedom from public transport.  I am hoping it will also allow him to get work off bus routes.

Is this going to be my last car?

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Anonymous said...

kev, Nice looking car. It doesn't look any different to your last one, but all the extras make it worthwhile. We will be able to get to Kalgoorlie now???????Marg