Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Festive Season

This ‘Festive Season’ isn’t so festive this year.  We have agreed to a no-presents Christmas Day.   Not sure if that will work.  I have a number of Christmas cards to which I haven’t reciprocated.
In the next few days I will write a synopsis of the better times of the last year and email it to friends.  I hope that my friends will not be too upset about not receiving commercial cards.

Government schools in Western Australia closed on Friday.  The students finished the day before.  At daughter Helen’s school it would seem that some students didn’t feel their school year was worthwhile and set the place on fire.  The damage should be repaired by the start of the school year in 2015.

Every year during school holidays, bush fires, vandalism etc increases.  Is it because school kids are bored during holidays?   I don’t really need an answer to that one.


Richard said...

WE use the Kris Kringle system for the adults who assemble on Xmas Day, Kev.
The list is e-mailed each November. There's a $150 limit so where I've got one son-in-law this time I'll get him a voucher from an inner city Melb. hogs shop.
He's a huge motor cycle nut. Easy fixed.
The children, of course, and there'll be 5 of them this Xmas Day get their normal Santa pressies. For those with rellos in the Old Dart and NSW the doorbell ringing system while they're in another room works a treat.
Out they rush to grasp the courier-delivered presses which have been carefully stored, awaiting Xmas Day.

Bernie said...

Hello dear friend, how are you? Love your new car and it will only be your last car if you choose it to be.
I find it hard to think of Christmas in the sunshine, yet it is warm here this year. No snow, a lot of rain though. I am leaving tomorrow for my sister's, she lives up north so hopefully there will be snow.....
Think of you often Kev and I know you miss Helen, its never the same after we loose our life mate no matter how we try to make it so. It is what it is.
Merry Christmas Kev to you and your family
Big Hugs