Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It is Helen's birthday tomorrow, Kevin's the day after. I have always maintained that it didn't matter that I didn't buy him a 30th birthday present because Helen was it.

I went to work on the Melville Community Textile Art project today and discovered that today is the birthday of Juliet's elder son (Juliet is one of the organisers of this project). He is 19 and seems to be setting out on the same path that Martin has trodden. I can offer nothing but sympathy to Juliet and Chris. I hope they have more success than us.

But in idle conversation the question of clustered birthdays came up. In our extended family most birthdays are (were, since some are now deceased) in either late March/early April (Aries ) or late November (Sagittarius).

It is an obvious cliche that the November arrivals were conceived about Valentine's Day. But why the March/April flush?

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