Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prawned out

When we bought the 10kg box of prawns yesterday we needed to pack them in smaller quantities to share with Graham and Helen. It was quite easy to break up the prawns - keep them in the plastic bag and box and just keep dropping them on the floor. We packed 6 x 1.5kg and 1 x 1kg. Then we had to find freezer space. There was a 1.5kg packet that I had bought earlier in the year that we decided needed to be used to make space for the latest additions.

So we set about thawing that packet of prawns - it had been so long in the freezer that it had solidified and couldn't be broken up. The block kept attacking me as it thawed - I have cuts and slashes all over my hands. Then we had to shell them and discard the heads (bin collection this morning so no need to bury or freeze them). 1.5kg rapidly reduced to about 800g, which is still a lot of prawns for 2 people.

Out with the recipe books. A friend had recommended an Australian Women's Weekly cookbook called 50 Fast Prawns. I have more than enough cookbooks, but when I went to the newsagent for quite a different reason I saw it and decided that we could afford $4.95 if it would expand our gastronomic horizons.

Last night I made Masala Prawns from the book. It is a variation on a basic curry recipe, but uses a pile of fresh herbs. Mint and coriander were specified, but I added parsley as well. It was delectable, but I had used only half the prawns.

Tonight Kevin used the same book to make Garlic Prawns from the remainders. This was NOT the garlic prawns one might expect to eat in an Italian restaurant. Since Graham had dropped in to pick up his portion we shared with him. None of us were really impressed, so I did another book search and found a more "classic" recipe to give him.

I think we will eat steak tomorrow.

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