Sunday, November 25, 2007

House buying

We have decided to buy a 'flat' to house our son. It is that time in our life when we decide whether to leave our kids property, shares and money or enjoy what is left of our time on this place. The called apartments, are quite pricey. We looked at one from the outside today at a price of $240,000+. It is a two bedroom unit (that is another name for them) and it is in an area which looks reasonable. We determined that it is 'reasonable' by looking at the vehicles parked in the parking bays. There were no 'Bogmobiles' or wrecks. There were, however, a lot of supermarket trollies near the letterboxes. The letterboxes looked a little suss with some having doors ripped off. Joan has applied for a housing loan through Police and Nurses Credit Society. We are due for a largish lump of cash from the sale of shares in a mining company named Jubilee. We will have to pay capital gains tax on the cash from that but hope that the previous government's changes to the taxation laws will still exist next year so that our superannuation payments are not taxable. That will mean that the Capital Gains on our shares will be spread over our total income from our allocated pension and we will not lose too much to Mr Rudd.

On Mr Rudd, it is interesting that after a hectic pre-election battle the side that lost now has time to have a few beers and relax and the winners start work tomorrow.

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