Friday, November 23, 2007

Flytrap fixation

I admit it, I'm out to kill as many flies as I can. Down the backyard I have set up a flytrap farm trying out various baits: fish fertiliser, a commercial fly bait, beef stock and the mighty prawn heads. At this stage the prawn heads are in front by a mile. In the photo, that black mass is thousands of flies. Maybe I should start a competition like 'How many jelly beans in the jar'.

The prawns are also helped by the smell of all the dead flies. Fellow fly killers argue as to whether a successful trap is merely attracting flies from other houses. I guess that if there was a China-type drive to kill flies and everyone had a fly trap we could see a difference.

The fly brain is very small, but powerful. Even the smallest fly waits until you have both hands full carrying a carton of beer before it crawls up your nose for a drink. Farmers and politicians are not bothered by flies. On TV they can be seen earnestly talking with flies at their mouth, nose and eyes. At this time, on the eve of a federal election, the politician must make sure that nothing deters them from getting the message out; not even an Aussie bush fly.

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