Wednesday, November 21, 2007

win some lose some

We have just registered our two cars and applied for the seniors’ discount. Don’t know why we have never done it before? It is a worthwhile discount of over a hundred dollars on each car for a year’s registration. We drove home pretty chuffed until we opened our mail and found a bill for two hundred and then in the afternoon our son came to get $68 to fill urgent scripts. We are his ATM. Did we win? Nah.

The flies are bad at the moment and Kev has gone into trap mode. I have several fly traps with different baits, but I can assure you that prawn heads have them lining up to get in the trap. Years ago there was a great product by Bayer named Tugon. It was a pinkish crystalline product when spread on a damp piece of cloth attracted flies and almost immediately sent them into epilepsy and instant death. Anything that good had to be banned and it is. I found a product that was supposed to be as good and shelled out $33 for 400g. It works, but doesn’t seem to have the attraction to flies that Tugon had. I read somewhere that Australian soldiers in the North African desert during WW2 had competitions to see who could catch the most of the billions of flies that bred in/on corpses. Wouldn’t want them landing on your bully beef.

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