Saturday, January 8, 2011

45 years together

Yesterday we celebrated 45 years of married life and hope we can make it to 50 years. We went out with brother Graham to a Vietnamese restaurant in East Fremantle. Great food!
Curried prawns, braised pork and seafood and vegetables....yum!

Earlier in the day I read about Fannie Farmer's book.....The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook and Googled it and there it was online, the 1918 edition containing 1,849 recipes. It is a fantastic reference book especially for the time. The first edition was published 1896, but the online edition is the last fully edited by Fannie. Well worth bookmarking and using as a reference book.

On leaving the Boston Cooking School she established her own venture which she called Miss Farmer's School of Cookery. She became an expert in the preparation of food for the ill and infirm even being invited to lecture at the Harvard Medical School on the topic.

She was also one of the pioneers of writing recipes in terms of standard measurements - a practice not well known at the time.

Here it is...The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook.

I wonder why the name Fannie is no longer in common use?

BTW if you see an advert on the right hand side giving you the chance to win something by shearing a young pop star's hair, ignore it, it's a scam.


Greg said...

Congratulations to you both.

fremantlebiz said...

Congrats on the happy anniversary. What was the name of the eatery?

joanlil said...

Saigon Station, Canning Highway East Fremantle.

Good food and service and BYO (no corkage)


Anonymous said...

WELL, well .... good onya Kevin and JoanLil.

Judyth and I reached a mere 40 years today --- Jan. 11th, 2011.

Japanese cuisine is my current favorite, Kev. Ate a fair bit of it in Bangkok in November.
Found excellent Japanese restaurants in the up-market Siam Paragon complex.

Also very good sake served. Only the crap sake has to be warmed. The good stuff is drunk at room temperature.

Richard E. Jones.

Jenny said...

Congratulations - May there be many more - love the hair style Joan!