Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some photos

Not a lot of good news here, so I thought I would 'pad out' this post with old photos....some much older than others. All pictures will enlarge if clicked on.

A 1946 publicity photo for Metro Buses, Fremantle. I guess a conductress was a pretty glam job then?
Manolas boat Builders Fremantle, 1946. No electric tools then!

WW2 salvage. Fred Evans' speed boat with a dangerous looking head chopper propulsion unit.
Here's Fred in action on the Swan River near Fremantle.
Post war Disposals Commission of wartime Fairmile air sea rescue boats. Bought as ferries and whale chasers.
Joan's uncle John (foreground) in 1945 on Borneo. Japanese gun knocked out. John passed away this last week.
My 1942 Ford Jeep, built from bits and pieces found in Papua New Guinea, some from wartime airstrips.
Our daughter Helen with a couple of her friends.

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed the old photos kev lovely one of helen, Sorry to hear that Joan isn't eating. Had could manage cooked apples or bonox sometimes.Lockie and I got caught in the deluge this morning and part of the roof of the shopping centre caved in and flooded everything we waded through the carpark to get home
its excited living in cooby...

love to joan love marg