Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elephants and water

All the water in houses and hotels at least in this part of Bali is ground water from bores. High water tanks provide the pressure for the water supply. We wondered why rainwater tanks are not used anywhere and figure that there is not enough yard space to place a tank. Also, most buildings don't have rainwater gutters.

I don't know where the water bores are, but there is a small construction site near 'our' Villa and in the two metre foundation trenches there is evidence of years of local landfill. Hope there isn't a water bore near that lot!

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When we arrived at the Villa we were advised not to drink the tap water. In the well-equipped kitchen is a smart water fountain of the like I have not seen before. From the one dispenser one can get near boiling water for coffee, room temperature water and cold water. Not a bad piece of equipment! Probably not an energy conserving piece of gear.
An unfortunate choice of names.

Yesterday on our visit to the Safari/Elephant park we shared the van and the day with an American couple. We got along very well together and will, as so many others who meet on holidays do, keep in touch.
Helen and James at the Elephant Park. A long drive, of about 90 minutes, but well worth the trip.


yadhav said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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Dorothy Treasure said...

Enjoy your holiday. The photo of Helen and James on the elephant reminded me of Mick and m
y last cruise when we went to the Elephant Safari and had a very similar photo taken.

Anonymous said...

Kev, Lovely photo of Helen and James on the elephant, Had and I didn't get to the elephant park. We are enjoying reading about your trip and it is good to meet up with others people from different parts of the globe, How is the weather up there? It is so hot here and we are never going to get any rain soon. Love to all Marg

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