Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where did all the years go?

My neighbor Fiona knocked on the front door asking for assistance to kill a rat in a tree on her property.  I had a look at and it looked a little sick.  I came back with my air rifle and pinged it for her.  Today whilst in my workshop I heard what I imagine was a rat(s) in the ceiling area, so went out and bought some rat baits.    Don't like rats!

This evening I am going to have a meal with an ex-student of mine, Angela.  We are going to buy in some pizza and catch up on 27 years.   She was a lovely young gal then and I know she will be a lovely woman at age 48.    Where did all the years go?

A couple of Bali pics...

A minding service by a bar/restaurant inside a shopping centre.

Clever lighting in a restaurant.

Food stall in the front of a streetside restaurant.  The restaurant allowed the stall to sell to it's customers.

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