Thursday, November 29, 2012

116 all up

Yesterday was our daughter Helen’s birthday and it is mine today.   I was invited around to Helen and James’ house for dinner and an exchange of presents.  Helen  turned 43 and I have been around for 73 years.  Helen’s Birthday Party is on the weekend.  Today I am having a few friends around for food, drinks and a few laughs. 

On Tuesday, Helen went for an early morning interview for a teaching position at a nearby primary school.  The school is in a good area and has  a good reputation with many innovative projects.  At the interview, she was told there were 188 applicants for the position, but only a small group getting to the interview stage.  She felt it went well, but knows that there are other factors in employment, such as the fact that there may already be a ‘chosen one’ and the interview process may well be merely a matter of form.  I hope she is successful.
Some more pics of Helen at various stages of the 43 years.
Martin and Helen at a swimming hole in Papua New Guinea 1973
Helen and Joan
Helen and Martin
Graduation Edith Cowan University
                                          Helen and James' wedding

When Helen was about 8 years of age she thought that we were going to replace her with a new daughter.  She left us this note and hid in the back yard.

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Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Kevin, so hope you had a wonderful day. I so enjoyed seeing the family pictures. I find Helen looks so much like Joan and Martin looks like you.....belated Birthday wishes to Helen.
Had my eye surgery so hopefully I will be able to type the word verification now. I will try anyway.....big hugs