Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse over Australia
Here is a timetable for the eclipse

What? Western Australia misses out again.
Secede I say!

Yesterday I took delivery of a new GPS.  It is a 7" model and comes with many useful functions including eBook reader, music and video player.  It cost just $87 postage included.

In the packet was a strange extra which I cannot see what it does/holds.   I will contact the supplier for info.  Is it a phone holder?

  At this stage I am most impressed as it also offers unlimited free updates to the maps for which my other GPS charges about $160.

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Kev said...

PS: The GPS died on day 2. I have emailed the firm for a postal address to return it and hopefully get a functioning one with more than a one-day life.

The funny looking attachment thing is for attaching the GPS to an air intake grill in the dashboard.