Thursday, November 1, 2012

Suburban Peacock

Early this morning I had a call from a friend who asked me what I knew about Peacocks.  ‘.There is one in my back yard.’ he said.      I grabbed a camera and went to take a few snaps of his bird.   It is  strange to see a Peacock in suburbia.   We figured that it is someone’s pet and it had escaped.   It had been in James’ yard for a few days and when I was checking it out it flew out to a high wall.    They can be very noisy birds at times and could give neighbours the Heebie Jeebies.  

Heebie Jeebies is a term from an old American comic strip Barnie Google....from which the name Google comes.   Check out Google on wikipedia

Enough trivia!


Anonymous said...

Kev, Did you know that the Peacock is the National bird of India and represents pride and vanity, On another site it states that The peacock is a symbol of birth , love and royalty. It seems to be the symbol of quite a variety of things, It depends on which country it is in, Very interesting,Remember thr ones at the Uni that used to fly around while we were watching outdoor movies in the sunken gardens, Poohing all over the place , The birds, not us,,,,,,Marg

Bernie said...

Gosh it really is pretty though, hope all is well....:-)Hugs