Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Oyster Beds

This morning a small group of ex Rover Scouts  had a reunion at a riverside restaurant in Fremantle.  This group has largely survived together over the 50+ years since we were active in the Scouts.   Many stories told and I was most impressed with the food and service.  I am the youngest of this group at nearly 73, and hope we can all stick around for a few more years.

The restaurant is the Red Herring and our daughter and husband James had their small wedding reception there in December 2010.  It has been on the river for many years and was originally an oyster farm.   Our group were regular patrons on a Friday night after Scout meeting when it was called The Oyster Beds.  Very up-market compared to those days when the popular fare was spag bolognese


Anonymous said...

Kev, It was indeed a lovely meal and great to catch up with the old crew, Not many left now, Treasured memories. John and Had would have enjoyed it. Perhaps they were there in spirit. Marg

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.