Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Losing things

My friend Margaret is also a single person.  She lost her husband Haddon to Prostate Cancer about two and a half years ago.   She is a caring person and our small group meets at her house about once a week for oldies tea and conversation.  Margaret can talk under water!

She wrote this piece recently and I thought it well worth sharing.  I enjoyed it.
                                               Click to enlarge

Picture of Margaret and her late husband Haddon.  I miss Haddon's company.  We were, what we in Australia call, 'mates' for around 58 years.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kev, I've since lost the remote control to to the DVD, the tea pot and my shopping trolley once more. It will be at the shopping centre as usual,Marg

Anonymous said...

Loved your writing Margaret. You clearly have many talents apart from the obvious ones. Tracey x

Bernie said...

What a lovely picture of Marg and her late husband. I smiled as I read her lost list, I think it happens with age....still looking for one of my best towels that I washed last week. Only I could loose a bath towel.....big hugs