Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Election Coming up

I wrote about the new political Party started by the billionaire Clive Palmer.  His nominee for the seat of Fremantle was Teresa van Lieshout.  She commented on my blog post.   It seems that she has been disendorsed from the party for supposedly ‘not toeing the party line’.  She has different views on refugees...very different; and different views on education.  
She went public about her disendorsement on radio in newspapers and Facebook.   The Facebook tirade is interesting.   She tells us that she is one of Australia’s smartest people. She alone can fix the Australian education system.  If you can spare the time it is worth looking at for a better understanding of this woman.   Good luck!  Here it is.

I have prepared a laptop for a young woman who is being helped by a welfare agency.  She is 18 and about to give birth.  She is living in a house shared with seven others, studying on line and her own laptop has died.  The only laptop I have at the moment is a bit slow and I was informed that there is no table to set up a desktop computer for her.   She is very happy to get the laptop until she can find better accommodation which is very difficult here in Western Australia.     I can only imagine her situation; living in a house with seven others sharing cooking, laundry and toilet facilities.  When the baby comes things will probably get worse.  I wonder if her family has abandoned her?  
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