Sunday, July 7, 2013

Final full day of the cruise

We are in the final day of our cruise.  It is expected that we will berth at the P&O wharf around 7.30am tomorrow.  We will taxi it to a hotel for an overnight before flying west around midday.

The cruise has been pleasant, but neither bro Graham or I will plan another for some time.   We met quite a few people who have done dozens of cruises in various places around the globe.  They talk like caravan people with a certain amount of one-upmanship about their cruises.

 New Caledonia is to have a referendum next year so the the inhabitants can decide whether to stay as a French territory or 'go it themselves'.  The indigenous people are called 'Kanaks'.  In New Guinea some bush people are called Kanakas which is a derogatory term.

More about the cruise with photos when I get home.


Anonymous said...

kev, Good to know that the boat is still afloat and that Graham and you have enjoyed your cruise. The nights and mornings are freezing here, I can't wait to get to Bali and soak up some sun. Rain has been predicted for most of next week. That is something to look forward to,,,,,,Marg

Anonymous said...

There is no place like home. :) Paul W.

Bernie said...

Nice to have the break Kev but it is always good to be home. Big hugs