Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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What is it that makes a fashion designer?  The fellow in this photograph was in yesterday’s newspaper decrying the demise of the local fashion industry.  I have never been into such a fashion store...he would scare me.  He looks like I might look, after waking up on the couch after an all-night bender.   

Another Perth designer is Ruth Tarvydas.  She is in her Mid 60s (or so it is rumoured) and offers herself to young, 'big and bad' men.
Read about Ruth here.

These people seem to attract the wealthy of society and I wonder if it is just the designs they produce or the snobbery of their clientele?     Most of them wouldn’t have seen the inside of a K Mart or an OpShop.  Hold on.....that looks suspiciously like the jacket I gave to the Good Sammies a few weeks ago.

Back in your box Kev!

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