Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sydney Photos

A few photos of around Sydney...Click on them to enlarge

                                        Securely bolted down

                                             The Queen Victoria Building

                                             Four levels of pure elegance
                                    Last day of the Sydney Monorail
                                 From another angle
                                   Town Hall renovations
                                                   In Darling Harbour

1 comment:

Richard Jones said...

GOING up to Sydney Town at the end of this month for 10 days, Kev.
One of Judyth's favourite cities, altho' New York is a clear favourite at No. 1 for her.
For me I would have it No. 3 behind Paris and London.
Istanbul in Turkey is a bottler of a city, as well.

But Sydney Town --- around the harbour as you've snapped --- is hard to beat. Think of the poor sods way out west where the new AFL club Greater Western Sydney is based.
There's about two-and-a-half million out there and not a water view to be had.