Tuesday, July 23, 2013

learning something new

Yesterday I learnt something quite simple which solves an almost daily problem; fitting a new bin liner to my kitchen tidy.  Place the bag in the bin and the flap which is over the edge is twisted tight and the twist tucked under the edge.   Simple, but effective....a bit like me.  Thanks Maria.

Helen and James have a large salt water fish tank.  It has a virtual Great Barrier Reef of rocks and coral.  Fish, snails and crabs make interesting watching in the bright lighting.  Helen showed me the immediate transformation once the light is turned off.  Fish hide in rocky crevices and the Green Wrass dives into the sandy bottom of the tank.   Instinct?  Turn the lights back on and they all come out to play.  Recently a snail in a largish shell was eaten by a hermit crab and voila....new home for a crab.

On our recent cruise to New Caledonia, brother Graham and I joined a small group to meet the Captain on the bridge.    Whilst we were listening to the Captain tell us about the voyage and the rather complex steerage and navigation equipment, two crewmen interrupted the Capn. announcing  ‘Captain, we’ve got a leak in the engine room’.  The Skipper made a smart click of the heels and with a salute replied....’permission granted’.

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