Monday, February 22, 2016

Edison Amberola Phonograph

Apart from computers, I am working on refurbishment of an Edison Phonograph I have owned since building it from bits I found under a house in 1965.  It needs a touch up of the box and I have readjusted the needle height and drive.  The phonograph was manufactured in 1917.   It runs well after all those years, but I thought I would pretty it up before I fall off the perch.   I have 110 cylinder records in excellent condition.  Click on pics to enlarge them.

Edison Amberola...batteries not supplied.

 'When the Corn is Waving'
by the Knickerbocker Quartet

Edison visited the Eiffel Tower and met Eiffel in his apartment at the top of the tower. When my wife and I visited France we looked in on the mannequins of Eiffel meeting Edison

This article is well worth reading. Copy and paste in your search engine.


Bernie said...

You have outdone yourself my friend, this is amazing. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing, I have trouble putting batteries in my clock, Marg

Sankara Vignesh said...

Wow, amazing post. Very nice to see those images.

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